Friday, 6 April 2012


Acne is the number one problem of most teenagers when undergoing puberty. Don't be deceived if you don't see marks on my face. I also battled acne. But it was my back that suffered from it. It was "bacne" that I had to fight with. Sometimes, I would also have some on my chest too. I despised it so much because it made me feel dirty.

Through the years, I've been using my facial wash and scrub on my back and chest thinking it would do the same job. It sort of did but not to the extend that I wanted to. Then, I decided to try out some "fancy soaps", as I call it.

I first started with Botani's Eco-Clear Body Bar. It's specifically used for body acne and as general antiseptic. It's main ingredient is tea tree oil, which is a natural antibacterial. This soap is amazing! I love it how it gets rid and prevent pimples. This is a very good maintenance for those with extreme body acne.
Around AUD 8

But then, Botani got discontinued in Priceline. I had to find another alternative. Since tea tree oil's the main ingredient for the Botani soap, why not try a tea tree soap? :)
Face Shop- Php 250
Like the Botani soap, it did the trick for me! Two things that I hate about this is that it dissolves quickly and it's expensive. It's expensive because later on I found Php 70 tea tree soaps which are pretty much the same thing as Face Shop's.

When I finished my stock of tea tree soap, I didn't know where to get some here in Canberra. Then came, Lush, my new supplier of fancy soaps. But since they didn't have tea tree soaps, I choose another alternative which is lemon. Lemon is one of the best natural cures for acne other than  tea tree oil. Also, lemon helps you tone and clarify your skin tone too.

I first tried their Bohemian soap which is packed with lemon oil.
Lush charges your per kilogram of soap that you get  which is good because you have a say on how much you want to spend.

I was honestly scared that it won't lather up. But it did! It wasn't too bad until it came to the part where what was left was the white stuff----You can see it in the photo.  I forgot to ask what that was but whatever. It was really hard to soap my body because it wouldn't lather up as much. But regarding its acne fighting power, I put my hands down to this.

Now, I am using their Sexy Peel soap.

This soap is made out of  oils and juices from different types of citrus fruits. Also, this soap has an exfoliating texture thanks to natural peels from oranges, limes, and lemons. Sounds good? It smells better! It;s so fresh and invigorating!

If I am not prone to acne, I'd love to try their oatmeal soap or their sultana soap. Both are said to be good if you want extra moisture for your skin.

Tips by Tippy:
Always do a patch test not only for soaps but also for any other product out there. Soaps are tricky because you apply it in your entire body. So be careful because you might be allergic to something that you're not aware of. And of course, drink LOTS of water.


  1. wow...:) thanks. my pimples are getting worse..i must try one of them or two, they are not so pricey.. :)

  2. yay! very informative!!! you know that this is really my problem too!! will buy some this weekend!!! hope it really works!!:) must not have that "backstabbers" before i hit the beach!!:)

    1. Hi Alex! True that! No to "backstabbers" before hitting the beach! ;)

  3. love lush soap! if you want, take a look at my blog...we can follow each other if you like it! i hope...kisses

    1. hello! I looked at your blog and liked it! I already followed you! ;)

  4. likeeee your blog lovely,
    keep posting and go for it!!! :)


    1. Hi Demi! Thank you for encouraging me! It means a lot! :) Will definitely post some more!