Sunday, 1 April 2012

Kiss me more!

Let's put more color into this blog of mine and meet my lip color team!

As I've mentioned in my previous entry, Kiss me., I had to control myself to prevent a lipstick shopping spree! But all is well now since I have all the colors that I wanted!

Let's start with....

Smashbox's Doubletake Lip Color- Sugar Spice and Cranberry (Both at around Php 1200)
Putting the lip liner on (I'm not good with lipliners yet! Sorry!)
With the lip color!
Cranberry's a very rich color. I love how bright it is but it's hard to wear this without a lipstick sealer like Lipcote because the color fades easily.
With lip liner

Sugar Spice

With lip color

What I like about Sugar and Spice is that it's VERY natural. It's as if it's my natural lip color. It's a mixture of nude and pink. Yet again, the Smashbox's Doubletake Lip Color doesn't have a strong staying power.

My Loreal babies

As of the moment, I have three Loreal lip products. I like Loreal because of the quality of their products and most especially the good bargains that I get from Priceline. HAHA. 

Studio Secrets Brown 460

Unfortunately, the Studio Secrets range from Loreal is already discontinued. But good for me that I still got to snatch this lovely nude lipstick for around AUD 8. Love working at Priceline. Hahaha. Anyway, I describe the Studio Secrets lipsticks as a fusion of a lipstick and a gloss. So, it's not too creamy and it gives you gloss at the same time. I love wearing this color when I do intense smoky eyes!

Colour Riche's Intense Fuchsia 288

I call this lipstick my "JLo lipstick" HAHAHAHAHAHA. It's because I saw her wearing this color on American Idol. She's just so gorgeous!!!! And I just want to try if the color works for me too! I love how the color pops against my skin tone. I also like its texture because it's creamy but it's not too thick.

Glam Shine Volumizer- Pure Addict 003
I definitely recommend Loreal's Glam Shine Volumizer if you're looking for a gloss. They have a wide range of colors. The gloss is thick so it's good for six hours. Even if you have dry lips, Glam Shine Volumizer will do the trick! I choose the transparent one so I can use it to add gloss on my lipsticks.

(By the way, I got the Colour Riche lipstick and Glam Shine gloss for only AUD 26 because of Priceline's buy 1 get 1 free promo on Loreal's lip products! You definitely have to take advantage of these promotions!)

Face of Australia's Lip Quench -Forbidden Fruit 

This lipstick is the cheapest out of all my lipsticks. I bought it for around AUD 7 because it was on special! The color's fantastic because it's a mix of red and pink. The staying power isn't so good so I use Lipcote over it (Refer to the first picture. You can easily point it out).

On Lipcote, I think it does help improve your lipstick's staying power. But I honestly think it's too harsh for your lips because it has alcohol in it. Also, it stings when you put it on. So for me, I'll just be using Lipcote on special occasions like my birthday!

Maybelline's Rum Riche 280

AUD 16

Maybelline's lipstick glides through your lips very easily. Also, it doesn't make your lips too dry since it's moisturizing. I bought this color just for everyday use. :)

 Last and definitely not the least,
Nars Shanghai Express 

Nars + Loreal Glam Shine 

I love how it's just a subtle red. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it stays on even after eating. This is definitely one of the best presents I got on my 23rd---since I'm not too willing to pay $45 for a lipstick HAHAHA. Thanks to my sister! Haha.

As I have shown you, I have all the shades that I need for any occasion. I am definitely all set!

That wraps up my humble lippie collection! :) Watch out for my experiments on them! ;)

Tips by Tippy:
It's good to have a range of lipsticks since you have to make sure that the lip color you're using is appropriate for the occasion and of course, your outfit. Don't forget that lipsticks are only good for 2 years. Dispose of old ones since it would already be germ-infested. Click on this if you need a guide on choosing the right color for you.

P.S. Please bear with the quality of the pictures. Will work on it soon!


  1. Great entry on lipsticks! it is a requirement to put on lip liner first before lipstick? -A

    1. Hi! I'm glad you liked my take on lipsticks. Well, lip liners help you shape and define your lips. You would get better results when using a lip liner. But honestly, I don't use lip liners all the time. I just use a lipstick brush to help me outline my lips. :)

  2. You have a great collection of colors! I love the bold red ones on you the most, but you look good in just about any lip color! :)

    1. Thanks, Rinny! I love the bold red ones the most too!

  3. Greate blog:) i follow you:)

    1. Thanks, Katies! :)I'm following you too! ;)