Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My 23rd Birthday.

I celebrated my 23rd a couple of weeks ago and even though I was so busy and sleep-deprived, it was definitely a blast.

I actually had two exams on my birthday. So, obviously I would be studying the night before. When midnight came, my boyfriend showed up on Skype wearing a party hat and he also had balloons!!!!! It was such a sweet feeling having a little party on Skype. I wish I could spend the day with him. But for now, this would have to do.    
With Sho <3
Coincidentally, my brother also gave me a smiley balloon! (The one I'm holding in the photo) HAHA. 

Then, I went to uni early. I had my two exams. Then off to the city to meet my mom and my dad because we were going to fetch my sister at the airport. It was a looooonnnngggg, tiring day for everyone that we decided to buy pizza, chicken and sushi for our mini feast.
Do we look tired? Haha
Then after our simple dinner, we just relaxed and watched American Idol. :) And just when I thought my day was over, my good friends here in Canberra surprised me with cake, banners, and confetti!!! I honestly saw it coming because it was way too obvious! HAHA. But I am deeply grateful for their thoughtfulness and effort. 

Nessa gave me a camera which I am using now for this blog!
With the people who planned the surprise!!! Thanks Boy, Nessa, Ken , Francis, Ate Joy, and Ate Grace!
I intentionally set my birthday celebration on a Saturday so that everyone could come and I wouldn't be so tired. But before I show you my party pictures, let me tell you a short background on how we party here in Canberra. (well at least in our little group of families.) My sister started the trend of having themes. 
Sister's Luau party. I was still in the Philippines when she celebrated her birthday. ;)

Mom's Hat party. I wore a golden, glittery hat!

Carlo's sporty birthday! I was supposed to be a temple runner but hitting Boy with a racket was fun. HAHA,

For my birthday, I wanted it to be simple and easy because I didn't want to bother anyone since I wasn't able to inform them ahead of time. So I decided to have an all green party!!!! Why? Because for my birthday party, I wanted to be a flower and my loved ones would be my leaves. I know it sounds corny but what the heck! :))
Me with my sister's present for me!!!If you can zoom in, pelase do. I used Revlon for my eye shadow and  Loreal Double Extension Mascara. I didn't have a proper photo of my eye make-up.
Foundation: Nude by Nature; Lipstick: FOA Forbidden fruit 

Top from Ally and Cotton On; Shoes from So Fab, Necklace from Equip
My gorgeous family
With Ate Grace

Ze siblings
With Ate Meg

With the boy
With Ate Meg and Carlo
 With the Jao Family
With the Ambida Family
My foster family, the Alvarez family
With the Sanchez and Ignacio family
With Nessa!
Silly with the girls!

With the Gomez family
With the Bague brothers
With Kuya Renen and Ate Pern
With Ate Joy and Ate Grace

MY CUSTOMIZED CAKE!!! How cute is that???

I also had a banner with my second year soph night picture. :))

And of course, my birthday won't be extra special if it hadn't been to the friends that I have back home. Thanks for remembering me even if I am miles away from you guys. 

I am just soooooooooooo thankful to have a wonderful set of friends, a very loving boyfriend, and a supportive family. I can truly say that I am happy. 

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