Saturday, 13 October 2012

And I'm back!

As I was having tea minutes ago, I suddenly remember this neglected blog of mine. A lot has happened for the past months but we're not here for drama. We're here to be happy and pretty! 

One major change that happened to me is my conversion to this popular French brand, Avène. It all happened  when I got my skin diagnosed. All my life, I have compared my face to a frying pan because of its oiliness. But after the skin diagnosis, I was so shocked to be told that I have VERY dry skin. Yes, emphasis on VERY. All my alarms go off because dry skin is equivalent to wrinkles for me. And of course I was convinced to buy the whole range! I'm half paranoid and half gullible. But I don't really care just as long as my skin's all good. And now, I am so hooked to Avène.

Just to give you a little background about AvèneAvène's main ingredient is water from Avène thermal spring. Years after the discovery of the Avène thermal spring was filled with experiments exploring the potential of the water. It has been discovered that the water is soothing even to the worst skin conditions. This is what makes Avène products very good for sensitive skin. And the rest of the development is history. 

First up in my collection is my cleanser and my toner. 

I have the "Extremely Gentle Cleanser". 
Honestly, I don't really have sensitive skin for me to use this. I bought a pack that has this, the Skin Recovery cream, and the thermal spring water to save on money. Haha. But come to think of it, this one's a good start for my cleanser since has been irritated and very dry. The Extremely Gentle Cleanser has a white mucus-like substance. 

This cleanser has a no-rinse tissue off formula meaning you just have to use a cotton wool to wipe off dirt from your face. No rinsing and water needed. It is perfect especially when you're lazy to get off your bed to wash your face. Come on, we all have those moments. This cleanser is also good for those with sensitive skin that gets irritated by the water from the faucet. The only thing that I don't like about this cleanser is that when you have make-up on, it would take you awhile to get everything off. My solution for this is to use make-up wipes first before using the cleanser. In this way, you'll be sure that you got rid off of all make-up traces. 

For my toner, I use the Thermal Spring Water.
 Its unique constant composition is:

  • Sourced directly from the Avene Thermal Springs
  • Bacteriologically pure
  • Rich in silica (14mg/l)
  • Rich in trace-elements
  • Low mineral content (207 mg/l)
  • Bicarbonated profile, calcium & magnesium
  • pH 7.5
  • Preservative free

 It comes in an aerosol can which is very handy because you can spray this to your face and body at anytime, anywhere. I find the Thermal Spring Water very, very soothing. This is good for hot climates or even just something to freshen you up after working out in the gym or after a stressful day. As a toner, I just spray this directly to my face. I leave it for a while and then I pat it dry.

With these two products, I have cleansed and soothed my skin without stressing or drying it out. 

I guess this ends my comeback entry. I'll be back sharing with you my Avène moisturizers. :)

Tips by Tippy:
-Even if the company claims that their products are good for sensitive skin, it is still advisable to do a patch test. You might still react to some ingredients that they used. Remember, your skin is unique.
-Have oily skin? Do not fear! Avène has products for you. They cater to the needs of people with dry to very dry skin, normal to combination skin, oily skin, acne prone akin, intolerant skin, and of course, atopic skin. You can check this page to know what skin type you have and you can check this page to know what products to need to use. I would also be glad to give you advise on these wonderful products. Just hit me up with your questions in the comment section. But just a disclaimer, I am not a professional beauty therapist or anything. :)
-It's good to ask for samples first before actually buying the product. Some stores here in Canberra, like Muse beauty Boutique, give samples for you to try.
-For those in the Philippines, you can check out Dmark Skin Care.

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I just used my phone. :)


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