Monday, 9 April 2012

Brows before hoes.

One secret of having a clean and neat looking face is to have perfectly shaped and well-groomed eyebrows. There will always be days when you'll get lazy to put on make-up. But if you have polished brows, I promise you, you can still look fabulous without make-up! Why? It's because your eyebrows help you emphasize your eyes. It emphasizes your eyes in two ways: physically and psychologically. Your eyebrows emphasize your eyes physically by defining your eye shape.  On the other hand, your brows can also help you express feelings.

There are only two steps to achieve perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows. The first would be choosing the method of hair removal.

There are three ways of hair removal that you can do: plucking, waxing and threading. Plucking is tedious since you remove hair one by one and there is no guarantee to get a good shape. This is good for maintaining your current shape. Waxing is a faster way to get rid of hair but the shape isn't too defined. Last but not the least and I want to give more attention to this style, threading is a faster way of plucking using thread. ;)

When it comes to pain, plucking would have to be the most painful since you would feel every strand of hair taken out from the roots. Threading would be second since it is done line by line. Waxing would be the least painful since you can get all your hair out in one go.

When it comes to availability, plucking is definitely number one. You just need to grab  tweezers and do it. Waxing would be second since there a lot of easy to use facial waxes in the market already. I still think you need to get it done professionally though. Threading would be last since there are only few beauticians that can do threading.

But when we look at the most important aspect which is the precision in shape, threading tops the list. Threading can take out even the thinnest hair that you have. Waxing goes second because it gives you a rough shape and you can just clean it out by plucking. Plucking goes last for me because sometimes you tend to get lazy since it's such a task to take out strands of hair one by one.

With this, I would definitely go for threading because even though it's a bit painful and it's hard to find a threading  lady, it'll be all worth it when you get your perfect brows.

Before yand after shots.
AFTER---Can you see how defined my brows are now? 
And to add to the greatness of threading, it's very good for sensitive skin since nothing will be applied to your skin. Also, the regrowth won't be thick! So not only can you have your eyebrows threaded, you can also have your upper lip, chin, and even your whole face threaded!

Now that you have your choice of hair removal, you need to have the perfect shape for your eyebrows. I'm not an expert on this so I'll let these links help you out. Click on this to know your face shape and the eyebrows that would suit you. Click on this to know the three point measures for your brows and to see how threading is done. 

So girls, get your brows done and ooze with confidence!

Tips by Tippy:
-Getting your eyebrows done is ALWAYS, ALWAYS a risk. You'll never ever know what your brows will look like after you have it done. Make sure to go to a trusted and recommended salon who does eyebrow shaping. In the Philippines, I've always had my brows done in Lay Bare. But there's this salon called Browhaus that I am dying to go to when I get home. Here in Canberra, I've been to a lot of threading ladies who have salons in their homes. But the best threading lady I know is only available on weekends which isn't favorable for me because I have work (You can message me for her number). I just resorted to going to Canberra Day Spa. And I am definitely going back there!
-Exfoliate your brow area the night before.
-Make sure that your brow area is clean and free from make-up when you have it done. If you're opting for threading, it's best not to wear eye make-up because it can make you teary-eyed.
-Exposure to sun after threading or waxing may cause discoloration.
-Do not wet your face after threading and waxing. 


  1. so love this topic :)i wish my brows grow a lil bit thicker like yours :/

    1. Hi Jewelhly! Even if you have thin eye brows, you can use the magic of make-up to solve your problem! Maybe I'll make an entry about this soon!

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