Thursday, 3 May 2012

Once in a blue moon.

I rarely get pimples. And when I do, it's just those tiny little red bumps that rosehip oil can eliminate overnight. Last week, I had a special visitor. It's a red dot filled with white stuff inside. And she wanted to stay on my upper lip. How fortunate of me.

I knew that this kind of pimple would stay about 2-3 days longer than a usual pimple would. But I wasn't too worried about it because I have my trusty rosehip oil with me. After two days of putting rosehip oil and no make-up, it was still there. UH-OH! I'm not happy about it! My miracle oil's letting me down!

Desperate to get rid of this unwanted visitor, I resulted to researching about what it is, what caused it, and how to get rid of it. After clicking through x websites, I came to the conclusion that the thing on my upper lip is a pustule. It is a pimple full of pus. It indicates bacterial infection, clogged pores, and accumulation of oil. I think I got this because I just recently got my upper lip threaded and the threading lady just put normal moisturizer instead of anti-bacterial cream on my upper lip. :|Anyway, I couldn't be bothered to get pissed off with my threading lady because I was just too excited to get rid of it.

I found  five easy ways to get rid of it.
1. Spot cream/gel. - I honestly haven't tried spot gel/creams because as I have said, I rarely get pimples. Plus, it would cost me money just to get rid of one ugly pimple that I wouldn't (at least I hope) get in a long time.

2. Popping it. -They say that there is a correct way of popping a pimple. But still, I don't recommend popping pimples. I would rather keep the pimple for a longer time than risk getting scars that are way harder to remove.

3. Exfoliation. -Just make sure to gently exfoliate the area to avoid irritation.

4. Using hot compress. -This helps reduce inflammation.

5. Avoid using anything with oil or anything that will give moisture.

I think I've expressed my disapproval of the first two options I gave. Obviously, I just tried the last three. 

I exfoliated extra gently because my St. Ives Apricot scrub is a bit coarse. I didn't put anything on it for a day. But what did the trick was hot compress. Well, I really didn't use a hot pack but I just used hot (not boiling of course) water to wash my face. I made sure that that pustule would feel the warmth of the water. And viola! Goodbye, pustule! Happy Tippy!

Funny how we have a million products to keep our skin clear but sometimes we just have to go back to basics with just plain old water.

Tips by Tippy:
-Every problem, may be it in our skins or in our life, has a unique solution. Be flexible to try something new.
-Do not pop your pimples. 
-Always remember to ask your threading/waxing lady to put anti-bacterial cream after your session so you won't end up like how I did last week. ;)
-You can click on this  to learn more about the types of acne.


  1. thks for your tips & information, love! & yeah i totally agree w/ u to not pop our pimples. the scar it left jst will make it worse :s


    1. You're welcome, Sartob! I'm glad that you agree with me!

  2. nice!

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