Sunday, 18 September 2011

For starters.

So here's my love story with make-up and beauty products. :)
I must admit, I'm a sucker for tag lines. May it be from an ad in a magazine or just by the description of the product at the back part. So whenever I get "hypnotized" by these tag lines, I would actually save up just to be able to try that certain product. I can't fight the urge of experimenting. I remember saving up for a Clean and Clear facial cleanser. But I ended up not liking it because it's not foaming enough for
me. There were no regrets for my 14 year old self back then because what was important is that I got to try it. Even if I fancied the idea of experimenting, I just focused on two particular products: facial cleansers and body moisturizers. I thought that only "grown-ups" a.k.a. my mom and my aunts could use toners, day and night creams, and most especially,make-up. I was too shy to ask and I had no access to the Internet during that time. Throughout high school, the only "make-up" I had was a lip balm--a strawberry Chapstick to be exact.  I just lived in ignorance and simplicity. Then came the "debut season"(the year when everyone turns 18), that's the time that I was amazed with the power of make-up. I owned my first compact powder(Maybelline's Angelfit Foundation,blush from Avon, and a set of eye shadows(Thanks to my big sister!) when I was in my first year of uni in the University of the Philippines. Ever since then, I would ask my mom to buy me make-up. I would also actually practice applying eye shadow whenever I feel like it. And that was the start. I was in love.

Last year, I moved in Australia to finish my studies. Luckily, I got a weekend job at a pharmacy who also sells hair care and skin care products and of course, make-up! :) This job was a huge eye-opener for me because it exposed me to a very wide range of products of absolutely everything! It required me to acquire product information that I could use in assisting customers. And the best part of all is that my co-workers and I get to test the product for the whole day and actually observe the effects it gives by the minute. In this way, not only will we be certain that our money will be well spent but also we are also a hundred percent confident in the advice that we give to our valued customers. And I would like to do the same in this humble blog of mine. 

Expect actual experiences, results from our  experiments done out of necessity and or curiosity, suggestions backed up with research, and of course, fun in exploring secrets in make-up. 

But just a disclaimer, this is not a "know-it-all" blog, it's more of a step by step discovery about make-up and skin care where I can share what I know and you can share about what you know. I'm not a skin care specialist or a professional make-up artist. I just have the passion in learning. I don't have access to the top brands but what I can assure you is that I can make the most of what is available and affordable. ;) It would always be quality over quantity for me.

So that's it for now!

Watch out for the first tip by Tippy!


  1. wow so great to see another Canberra beauty blogger! I seriously thought I was the only one ^^

    You're so lucky to have worked at a pharmacy!

  2. Can you recommend a good make-up remover and a good facial wash? also what can i do about my pimples on my back?

  3. Hey Chococurro! I hope we can meet more beauty bloggers here in Canberra! Your blog looks lovely, by the way. :)

    @Anonymous: I'll be featuring those products in my coming entries! Make sure you watch out for that! For the eye make-up remover, the best one I've used is Garnier's gentle eye make-up remover. You seriously don't have to rub! For your back acne, I would suggest any product with a high concentration of tea tree in it. It could be a wash, soap, or oil. For your facial cleanser, it all depends on your skin type. I would have to know more about your skin before I could suggest. Watch out for my first entry! It will be very helpful in choosing your facial cleanser! :)